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What’s a typical day on the job look like? (security, who’s there, how often)

A normal start time would be around 8:00am and the remodeler would begin setup and going over the day’s work, they will most likely pause around midday for lunch, and sometime before 5:00pm the cleanup should commence to make the site safe for the evening and lock down the jobsite.

How do I keep my house secure?

Keeping your house secure is a top priority for most clients and there are many ways of doing that. The contractor should use lock boxes, digital locks, door closers and it should be double checked at the end of the day to see that it all works. Pros know that the first priority is providing a safe and secure site.  Checking out how a remodeler runs a job is as important as to how well they build the project.  Professional remodelers know they oversee a service business first and foremost. 

What about pets?

Your pets are going through a remodel along with you . Some handle it well because some enjoy having people around the house all the time. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your pets throughout the remodel. Some of the tools used make a lot of noise and can irritate their sensitive ears. So keeping them away from the work and paying attention to the signs of stress is always a good idea. With some pets maybe using a kennel during the day for their health and safety is a good idea as well.  

What about curious kids?

Your children are just as excited about construction as most adults (with slightly less concern for the messes). It’s good to let them watch, but boundaries must be set to keep them safe because a lot of the tools used in construction can be dangerous and various other hazards like open floors can exist on a site as well. Give them some time to look around and even draw or scribble on walls that will be coming down as part of the deconstruction. You could even have your own family “demo time” where the little ones get to knock a hole or two in the wall. So teaching them what’s safe and having a little fun with it, they can enjoy and better understand the project as well.

What’s a preconstruction conference?

Before you start a job you should sit down with your contractor to go over the schedule, security, and get answers on any outstanding questions that may impact the expectations of the job. This is also a good time to familiarize yourself with the Lead Remodeler that is assigned to your job and for the Lead to meet you as well; after all you are going to be around each other for a while on some of the larger projects that you might undertake.

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